Listen to the LORD

“Adonai said to Yehu, Because you did well in accomplishing what is right from my perspective, and have done to the house of Achav everything that was in My heart, your dependents down to the fourth generation will sit on the throne of Israel.”
2 Kings 10:30 CJB

Here we see the LORD is pleased with Jehu for wiping out Ahab’s descendants and removing the prophets of Baal! Even though he does things right, he still refuses to follow the LORD’S instructions!

“But Yehu made no effort to live wholeheartedly according to the Torah of Adonai the God of Israel and did not turn away from the sins of Yarov’am (Jerobam), with which he had led Israel into sin.”
2 Kings 10:31 CJB

Again, we need to be careful of doing one thing good, but then refuse to follow all the LORD’S instructions in His word! Be careful of doing some things right and ignoring others! We can’t pick and choose!

“If you love Me, you will keep My commands.”
John 14:15 CJB

Today, let’s strive to do all that the LORD requires of us!

“Human being, you have already been told what is good, what Adonai demands of you-no more than to act justly, love grace and walk in purity with your God.”
Micah 6:8 CJB

Today, let’s do what the LORD requires of us. Life will always be better when we do!
Have a blessed day in Him!

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