Seek the LORD

“God gave Schlomo exceptional wisdom and understanding, as well as a heart as vast as the sandy beach by the sea.”
1 Kings 5:9 CJB

The LORD gave Solomon great wisdom and a good heart, we actually have the same! How? We have His complete word literally in the palm of our hands! What we need to do is open it up and get into it and do it!

“I treasure Your word in my heart, so that I won’t sin against you.”
Psalm 119:11 CJB

Even though we have access to the word of God, but we often neglect getting into it!

“Seek Adonai and His strength; always seek His presence.”
Psalm 105:4 CJB

Today, don’t forsake getting into the word of God and seek His direction and instruction for the day!
Have a blessed day seeking His wisdom!

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