Don’t rush to be first!

“I don’t care-whatever happens, I want to run. So he said to him, Run. Then Achima’atz ran by the road through the desert flats and outran the Ethiopian.”
2 Samuel 18:23 CJB

Here we see this man saying he wanted to run. In reality, he wanted to be the first to give David the news! Problem is, it was not the complete story!

“I am your servant; give me understanding, so that I can know You’re instruction.”
Psalm 119:125 CJB

“But refuse godless bubbe-meises (old wives fables), and exercise yourself in godliness.”
1 Timothy 4:7 CJB

We also need to be careful of sharing things when we don’t have all the facts. We need to know the whole story, not just part of it! To be a good servant, understand and know what you’re sharing!

Today, with all the fake news and untrue social media hype out there, we need to be careful of spreading rumors! Have a blessed day making sure things are true!

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