Belong to the LORD

“Therefore, now, go on back; and go in peace, so as not to do what appears bad to the chiefs of the P’lishtim.”
1 Samuel 29:7 CJB

As believers, no matter how much we try to run or hide in the world, remember, the world will always reject us!

“If you belonged to the world, the world would have loved its own. But because you do not belong to the world—on contrary, I have picked you out of the world—therefore the world hates you.”
John 15:19 CJB

We may think we can find comfort in the world from time to time, but we never will! As a believer you will always be uncomfortable in the world! Our comfort is in the LORD!

“I will lie down and sleep in peace; for, Adonai, you alone make me live securely.”
Psalm 4:8 CJB

Today, if you feel uncomfortable in the world, good! Why? Because we don’t belong in the world, we belong to the LORD!
May you have a blessed day in Him!

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