Wait on the LORD

“He waited seven days, as Sh’mu’el had instructed; but Sh’mu’el didn’t come to Gilgal; so the army began to drift away from him. Sha’ul said, Bring me the burnt offering and the peace offerings, and he offered the burnt offering.”

1 Samuel 13:8-9 CJB

When we get ahead of the LORD and start to do things our way, disaster is usually the result.

“Put your hope in Adonai, be strong, and let your heart take courage! Yes, put your hope in Adonai!”

Psalm 27:14 CJB

Don’t put your hope in what you can do or how you can do things, instead look to the LORD and wait!

“But those who hope in Adonai will renew their strength, they will soar aloft as with eagles’ wings; when they won’t grow weary, when they are walking they won’t get tired.”

Isaiah 40:31 CJB

Today, don’t be impatient, but instead just call upon the LORD and wait! May His peace fill your day as you wait upon Him.

Have a blessed day in Him!

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