Who do you trust

“But today you have rejected your God, who Himself saves you from all your disasters and distress. You have said to Him, No! Put a king over us! So now, present yourselves before Adonai by your tribes and families.”

1 Samuel 10:19 CJB

Even though the LORD delivered Israel many times in the past, they still wanted a king to protect them! The sad thing is we can do the same, wanting to be like the rest of the world.

“You yourselves, as living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be cohanim set apart for God to offer spiritual sacrifice acceptable to Him through Yeshua the Messiah.”

1 Peter 2:5 CJB

The LORD has really done everything for us. He saves us, protects us and cleanses us from all sin! So we shouldn’t turn to anyone or anything else but Him!

“How blessed the man who trusts in Adonai and does not look to the arrogant or to those who rely on things that are false.”

Psalm 40:4 CJB

Today, let’s look to the LORD for everything and not put any hope or trust in things of the world!

Have a blessed day!

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