“Then she named the child I-Khavod [without glory], saying, The glory has departed from Israel; because the ark of God had been captured, and because of her father-in-law and husband (are dead).”

1 Samuel 4:21 CJB

Our present situation may be difficult and not going well, but don’t allow that to dictate our future! Why? Because we have victory in Jesus!

“Sing to Adonai, bless His name! Proclaim His victory day after day!”

Psalm 96:2 CJB

When we are singing to the LORD and proclaiming His victory (Salvation), our eyes will be focused on His victory, not our passing situations.

“Adonai, I love the house where You live, the place where Your glory abides.”

Psalm 26:8 CJB

Today, don’t let your present dictate your future, because our future is with the LORD and it’s going to be great!

Have a blessed day!

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