“In deep depression (anguish) she prayed to Adonai and cried.”

1 Samuel 1:10 CJB

How’s our prayer life? Do we do a sixty-second prayer and expect great things or do we really go into deep prayer?

“On learning that the document had been signed, Daniel went home. The windows of his upstairs room were open in the direction of Yerushalayim; and there he kneeled down three times a day and prayed, giving thanks before his God, just as he had been doing before.”

Daniel 6:11 CJB

Here we see Daniel is going to be thrown into the lion’s den for his belief in the LORD. He doesn’t run and hide, he opens his windows and prays as he always does!

“May shalom be within your ramparts, prosperity in your palaces.”

Psalm 122:7 CJB

When Daniel is thrown in the lion’s den he isn’t panicking, but instead has peace! Why? He prays, calling on the LORD and Talking to Him about his situations and so should we! Don’t do sixty-second requests, spend some quality time throughout the day with the LORD.

May your day be richly blessed as you spend time in prayer!

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