Look to the LORD

“Return, Israel, to Adonai your God, for your guilt has made you stumble.”

Hosea 14:2 CJB

Most of our problems are created by us! It’s our pride, our arrogance and our disobedience to the LORD that usually gets us into trouble! With that said, we also need to remember the LORD is always right there!

“I will heal their disloyalty, I will love them freely; for my anger has turned from him.”

Hosea 14:5 CJB

The LORD is always waiting to forgive and heal us, it’s up to us to call on Him and repent!

“Let the wise understand these things, and let the discerning know them. For the ways of Adonai are straight, And the righteous walk in them, but in them sinners stumble.”

Hosea 14:10 CJB

Today, know that we may blow it from time to time, but remember when we do, we have a LORD who forgives and shows us the right way to walk. Have a blessed day!

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