Seek the LORD first

“The sword will fall on his cities, destroying the bars of his gates, because they follow their own advice.”

Hosea 11:6 CJB

This is the same problem we have from time to time; we follow our own advice! We start to believe we know better and don’t seek the LORD first!

“Be sensitive to each other’s needs-don’t think yourselves better than others, but make humble people your friends. Don’t be conceited.”

Romans 12:16 CJB

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking we know more or are better than anyone else! Simply fall into the arms of the LORD and let Him guide and direct you, His ways are always better.

“Those who love your Torah(instruction) have great peace; nothing makeS them stumble.”

Psalm 119:165 CJB

Today, just simply get into the word of the LORD listen and do what He instructs us to do! We will spend less time stumbling and more time praising! Have a blessed day in the LORD!

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