Life has issues

“Come, let us return to Adonai; for He has torn, and He will heal us; He has struck, and He will bind our wounds.”

Hosea 6:1 CJB

Hurtful, painful and distressful things happen. That’s just part of living in a sinful world! As we go through these situations it should help us grow in the LORD as He is the only one who can bind and heal the wounds of life!

“Be gracious to me, Adonai, because I am withering away; heal me, Adonai, because my bones are shaking.”

Psalm 6:2 CJB

While we go through the issues of life, it puts us in a position to continuously call on the LORD and go deeper in Him!

“Make your face shine on your servant; in your grace, save me.”

Psalm 31:16 CJB

Today, as we go through the issues of life, take comfort knowing the LORD is right there with! Have a blessed day looking to the LORD!

Shabbat Shalom

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