The LORD is compassionate

“It is for Adonai our God to show compassion and forgiveness, because we rebelled against Him.”

Daniel 9:9 CJB

What a great God we serve. It is us who do evil and rebel against God, but it is He who forgives and has compassion on us!

“He forgives all your offenses, He heals all your diseases.”

Psalm 103:3 CJB

As we go through the day, we can feel dragged down and beat up by all our failures, but the LORD always comes through with healing and forgiveness!

“Therefore, our God, listen to the prayer and pleadings of your servant; and cause your face to shine on your desolated sanctuary, for Your own sake.”

Daniel 9:17 CJB

Today, let’s rejoice in how good our LORD is and How He is always willing and able to forgive, even though it is we who rebel! Have a blessed day looking to the LORD!

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