Don’t be troubled

“This is the end of the account. As for me, Daniel, my thoughts frightened me so much that I turned pale; but I kept the matter to myself.”

Daniel 7:28 CJB

When Daniel sees the coming of world events, it troubles him deeply, keeping it to himself! When we read through the word, we too can see the coming prophetic history and it can be troubling, as we see it happening in front of our eyes!

So what are we to do? Share the good news of salvation!

“His salvation is near for those who fear Him, so that glory will be in our land.”

Psalm 85:9 CJB

Just looking around us, whether it’s the news, work, school or just going out, we can see many disturbing things, but don’t worry the LORD is near!

“I have said these things to you so that, united with Me, you may have Shalom. In the world, you have tsuris(tribulation). But be brave! I have conquered the world!”

John 16:33 CJB

Today, let’s not allow the troubling world events frighten or distract us from sharing His glorious good news of salvation! May your day be richly blessed!

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