Don’t fear the world!

“They replied to the king, That Daniel, one of the exiles from Y’hudah respect neither you, your majesty, nor the decrees you signed; instead, he continues praying three times a day.”

Daniel 6:14 CJB

We need to be like Daniel, not afraid to worship the LORD and not worrying about what people think!

“Whoever acknowledges Me in the presence of others I will also acknowledge in the presence of My Father in heaven.”

Matthew 10:32 CJB

The LORD will never let us down when we are boldly sharing about Him! He will always stand up for us. So we never need to worry about what the world can do to us. Which is nothing!

“He saves, rescues, does signs and wonders both in heaven and on earth. He delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.”

Daniel 6:28 CJB

No matter what, when we stand for the LORD, He stands for us! He will deliver us from any sticky situation we may be in. Remember, the world has no power over us!

Have a blessed day being bold for the LORD!

Shabbat Shalom!

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