Get into His word!

“After this, he read all the words of the Torah, the blessing and the curse, according to everything written in the book of the Torah.”

Joshua 8:34 CJB

This is not only what we get to do, it’s what we need to do! Read, study and share the word of God!

“You keep examining the Tanakh because you think that in it you have eternal life. Those very Scriptures bear witness to Me.”

John 5:39 CJB

What John is saying in this verse is we must search the scriptures for Yeshua, because He is the giver of eternal life and everything in the word speaks of the LORD!

“Guide my footsteps by your word; don’t let any kind of sin rule me.”

Psalm 119:133 CJB

Two things that happen when we are in the word of God. First: it keeps us looking for Him and Second: it keeps us from sinning against Him! Today, get into His word and share it with everyone!

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