The LORD comforts

“I, yes I am the one who comforts you! Why are you afraid of a man who must die; of a human being, who will wither like grass?”

Isaiah 51:12 CJB

Yes, it’s the LORD who comforts us, not man! Yet we often times are more fearful of man than God. How? We worry about what coworkers think, bosses and neighbors more than God! We run to doctors and counselors before we call to the LORD!

“Fear Adonai, you holy ones of His, for those who fear Him lack nothing.”

Psalm 34:9 CJB

We always should fear going through life without the LORD, instead of fearing humans who are going to die!

“The grass dries up, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand forever.”

Isaiah 40:8 CJB

Today, don’t try to be a people pleaser or a person who has to fit in with the world, but instead let’s be a people who fit in with the LORD! Also, be careful of trying to get ahead, build our ministry or our popularity because it all will fade, but the LORD stands forever! Have a blessed day following the LORD who comforts us!

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