Look to the LORD

Thus no inheritance will move from one tribe to another, for each of the tribes of the people of Israel will hold on to its own inheritance.”

Numbers 36:9 CJB

The LORD has given us all an inheritance so to speak. Our problem is, we often look at what someone else has or does, instead of being blessed by what He has given us!

“Pleasant places were measured out for me; I am content with my heritage.”

Psalm 16:6 CJB

What is really cool, the LORD has given us a heritage in Him! We get to be part of what He is doing!

“This has come from Adonai, and in our eyes it is amazing.”

Psalm 118:23 CJB

Today, don’t worry about what you don’t have, but instead look to what the LORD has given you and realize His gifts are amazing! Have a blessed day in Him!

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