“Therefore say, I am giving him my covenant of shalom, making a covenant with him and his descendants after him that the office of Cohen will be theirs forever. This is because he was zealous on behalf of his God and made atonement for the people of Israel.”

Numbers 25:12-13 CJB

Like Phinehas, we need to step in and do what is right on behalf of other people, dealing with the sin in the camp. We are all called to serve and be servants.

“Serve Adonai with gladness. Enter His presence with joyful songs.”

Psalm 100:2 CJB

If you seem to be lacking joy, look for a place to serve!

“Yes, indeed! I tell you, a slave is not greater than his master, nor is an emissary greater than the one who sent him.”

John 13:16 CJB

Jesus came to serve and so should we. The world around us is filled with all kinds of weirdness. We as, believers, need to look for opportunities to step in and serve! Don’t wait for someone else. If you see a need to serve then serve! Have a blessed day.

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