God’s way is always better

“However, Bil’am. answered Balak, Didn’t I warn you that I must do everything Adonai says?”

Numbers 23:26 CJB

No matter how hard we try to do things our own way, at the end of the day the LORD will always prevail and get His way! How many times do we say we will do everything the LORD says and blow it?

“I don’t understand my own behavior-I don’t do what I want to do (follow the LORD); instead, I do the very thing I hate!

Romans 7:15 CJB

As we go through the day, how often do we start out being on fire for the LORD? Then the day hits us!

“I have said these things to you so that, united with Me, you may have Shalom (Peace). In the world, you have tsuris (tribulation). But be brave! I have conquered the world!”

John 16:33 CJB

Even Bil’am knew that he should do everything the LORD instructed him to do, even though he still tried getting around it and failed! Today, let’s really try to stay focused on doing things the LORD’S way. It will always work out better! Also, when the day hits, take a deep breath and remember the LORD has it all worked out! Have a blessed day resting in the Shalom (peace) of the LORD!

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