Serve the LORD

“Adonai said to Moshe and Aharon, Do not cut off the clan of K’hat (Kohathities) from among the L’vi’im (Levites).”

Numbers 4:17-18 CJB

Here we see that the LORD gives everyone an opportunity to serve! Whether it’s something we do or who we speak to, we all get to participate in what the LORD is doing!

“Serve Adonai with fear; rejoice, but with trembling.”

Psalm 2:11 CJB

Realize the LORD has given us all something to do for Him. What we need to do is look and ask the LORD to reveal it to us!

“Then I heard the voice of Adonai saying, Whom should I send? Who will go for us? I answered, I’m here, send me!”

Isaiah 6:8

The LORD is always looking for someone to go for Him! He always has opportunities for us. All we have to do is say “here I am send me!” Have a blessed day going out for the LORD!

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