Trust the LORD

“Blessed is the man who trusts in Adonai; Adonai will be his security.”

Jeremiah 17:7 CJB

We really need to simply just listen and trust the LORD in everything! Let’s read the next verse!

“He will be like a tree planted near water; it spreads out its roots by the river; it does not notice when heat comes; and its foliage is luxuriant; it is not anxious in a year of drought but keeps on yielding fruit.”

Jeremiah 17:8

No matter what drought, heat or distress we may be going through, we will always be blessed when we trust the LORD!

“As for God, his way is perfect, the word of Adonai has been tested by fire; He shields all who take refuge in Him.”

2 Samuel 22:31

Today, no matter what, trust the LORD, get into His word. It never fails! Have a blessed day digging into His word!

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