Check yourself

“And the priest shall examine him on the seventh day; and indeed if the sore appears to be as it was, and the sore has not spread on the skin, then the priest shall isolate him another seven days.”

Leviticus 13:5 NKJB

One of the things we could draw from this verse is: do we examine ourselves? We often times will look at others and judge or examine them, but do we check ourselves?

“How many are my iniquities and sins? Make known to me my rebellion and my sin.”

Job 13:23 NKJB

When we examine ourselves, we need the magnifying glass of the LORD and His word!

“Examine me, God, and know my heart; test me, and know my thoughts.”

Psalm 139:23 CJB

Today, let’s spend some time with the LORD and in His word and examine our heart and our thoughts! Have a blessed day checking our hearts with the LORD!

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