Take a break

“On six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is to be a holy day for you, a Shabbat of complete rest in honor of Adonai. Whoever does any work on it is to be put to death.”

Exodus 35:2 CJB

This can sound pretty extreme, but why do we go right to the last words, “put to death?” What we should focus on is complete rest and honoring the LORD! Working seven days really gets us nowhere but dead!

“If you hold back your foot on Shabbat from pursuing your own interests on My holy day; if you call Shabbat a delight, Adonia’s holy day, worth honoring; then honor it by not doing your usual things or pursuing your interests or speaking about them.”

Isaiah 58:13 CJB

In other words, when we stop doing our own thing and spend a day with the LORD, honoring Him, the results can be a better relation with your family, rest for your physical body and, best of all, some real time spent with the LORD without the distractions of the six other ordinary days!

“Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.”

Isaiah 55:6 NKJB

Something to think about today! Have you been putting off spending time with the LORD? Thinking you’ll do it when the job gets done, kids grow up or you get caught up doing whatever excuse you can make! When we put off or deny the time, one day a week, to spend with the LORD we start to have a slow spiritual death! This is the day that the LORD has made, stop and rejoice in it, rest in Him and be blessed!

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