Encourage each other!

“So Moses arose with his assistant Joshua, and Moses went up to the mountain of God.”

Exodus 24:13 NKJB

What a great model to follow, old guys (Moses) taking young guys (Joshua) with them to seek the LORD! If we look around today, we can see that in the world and the church this precept isn’t followed!

“Then the young men who had grown up with him spoke to him, saying, Thus you should speak to the people who have spoken to you, saying, ‘Your father made our yoke heavy, but you make it lighter on us’ – thus you shall say to them: ‘My little finger shall be thicker than my father’s waist!”

2 Chronicles 10:10 NKJB

Ouch! In this account, Rehoboam (Solomon’s son) rejects the advice of the older guys and takes the advice of the younger guys, then disaster hits!

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because of your youth; on the contrary, set the believers an example in your speech, behavior, love, trust and purity.”

1 Timothy 4:12 CJB

Realize, we all belong to the LORD, young, old and middle age! Everyone has a important role to play: old folks need to be raising up the young folks, giving opportunity to do and serve! Remember you’re closer to going home, and the people you raise up are going to be taking over! Young folks really need to be listening and learning from older people, because one day you’re going to be the old person, sooner than you think!

“Therefore, encourage each other, and build each other up – just as you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11 CJB

Today, no matter what age you are, look for someone to mentor (disciple) or to get guidance from, but most of all let’s listen and encourage each other! The world around us is filled with way to many divisions. As believers, let’s find unity in the LORD! Have a blessed day!

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