The LORD is just!

“You shall not have in your house differing measures, a large and a small.”

Deuteronomy 25:14

The LORD desires us to be upright and just not unbalanced and bias!

“For all who do such things, all who behave unrighteously, are an abomination to the LORD your God.”

Deuteronomy 25:16

When we are unbalanced, one sided and self centered we become prideful and judgmental! Basically full of ourselves!

“Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Proverbs 16:18

The only way to avoid this is by being focused on the LORD, sharing His goodness and His amazing love!

“Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.”

Habakkuk 3:18

Today be balanced in the LORD, allow Him to be your weight and measure. Let’s share His love and salvation and know His judgements a perfectly weighed and measured! Have a blessed day in Him!

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