His ways are higher

“Have I enough strength to go on waiting? What end can I expect, that I should be patient?
Job 6:11 CJB

We have all probably asked similar questions! How do I keep going on? How can I make it through? But, if we look back we will see God always got us through and will continue to do the same!

“It is God who girds me with strength; He makes my way straight.”
Psalm 18:33 CJB

It is God who strengthens us and even though it may not seem like it, He really does make our ways straight! Remember His ways are higher than ours!

“For I know what plans I have in mind for you,’ says Adonai,’plans for well-being, not for bad things; so that you can have hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 CJB

Today, we feel like all we do is wait, have no strength and see nothing but obstacles! But when we look to Adonai just know everything is working out just right!
Have a blessed day in Him!

Be a blessing

“How happy the person whom God corrects! So don’t despise Shaddai’s discipline.”
Job 5:17 CJB

This statement is true. We should be happy that Adonai loves us so much that He does lovingly correct us! But, we need to be careful on how we use this verse! Why? Because Job’s friend Eliphaz, says this here to Job as a jab against him, we need to be careful of doing the same! We need to have compassion on those around us and let God do the correcting!

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”
Romans 12:15 CJB

Yes, we need to be people of understanding and compassion! We need to care for those who are hurting and be glad for those who are doing well!
We should share in people’s sorrows and rejoice when they are being blessed also!

“Rejoice in Adonai, you righteous! Praise is well-suited to the upright.”
Psalm 33:1 CJB

Today, let’s be a people who encourage and have compassion for each other!
Have a blessed day!

Seek Adonai

“Isn’t your fear of God your assurance, and the integrity of your ways your hope?”
Job 4:6 CJB

We should fear living without Adonai and we should have no confidence in our own integrity! Everything should come down to simply just living for Adonai and having total confidence in Him!

“Put your hope in Adonai, be strong, and let your heart take courage! Yes, put your hope in Adonai!”
Psalm 27:14 CJB

No matter what is going on in the world around us our hope needs to be completely and totally in Adonai!

“For if you will take care to obey all these mitzvot (commands) I am giving you, to do them, to love Adonai your God, to follow all His ways and cling to Him.”
Deuteronomy 11 :22 CJB

Today, we really need to be careful of relying on the world and the things in it! We need to rely solely on Adonai and walk in all His ways!
Have a blessed day in Him!

You have a purpose

“Perish the day I was born and the night that said, A man is conceived.”
Job 3:2 CJB

Do we think that things can get so bad that we wish we were never born? This is what Job is saying here! Remember, God has a perfect plan for us! We just need to wait and be patient!

In other words, God has every day of our lives perfectly planned out before we even existed! This should really encourage us, especially when times are rough! Why?

“Your eyes could see me as an embryo, but in Your book all my days were already written; my days had been shaped before any of them existed.”
Psalm 139:16 CJB

” For I know what plans I have in mind for you, says Adonai, plans of well-being, not for bad things; so that you can have hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 CJB

Adonai made us with a beautiful purpose and our future and hope is we will be with Him one day! So we can live each day full of His hope!

“I wait longingly for Adonai; I put my hope in His word.”
Psalm 130:5 CJB

Today, as we wait on Adonai the best thing we can do is be in His word, doing what it says! Also know God created you for His perfect plan!
Have a blessed day in Him!

Have compassion

“Moshe went back to Adonai and said, Please! These people have committed a terrible sin: they have made themselves a god out of gold. Now, if you will just forgive their sin! But if you won’t, then, I beg you, blot me out of Your book which You have written!”
Exodus 32:31-32 CJB

Ask yourself, is this your pastor, priest or rabbi’s heart for you and the other believers? Is he interceding for you, lifting you up in prayer? Here we see Moses going to bat for the people, not that Moses didn’t have his own faults, but a leader leads and sticks with the people right to the end!

“For I could wish that I myself were accursed from Messiah for my brethren, my countrymen according to the flesh.”
Romans 9:3 CJB

We also see Paul go to bat for his brethren. If the people we choose to follow in ministry try to live above us or use terms like I’m God’s anointed, making themselves holier than you, you should probably not follow them!
God looks at all of us equally and has no favorites! Be careful of people who place themselves above their congregations!

“For Adonai your God is God of gods and Lord of lords. the great, mighty and awesome God, who has no favorites and accepts no bribes.”
Deuteronomy 10:17 CJB

Today, know that we as believers are on a level playing field, so to speak! God looks at all of us equally!
Have a blessed day knowing God loves you!
Shabbat Shalom!